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Adding AWS Cognito Sign in and Sign up to Android App

Adding user Sign-in of AWS Cognito to Android app is relatively easy, so this post would be short and easy to follow. Before adding authentication to the project, we should add some prerequisites to our Android project. Basically, there are three prerequisites for each Android app which wants to connect to communicate with AWS. These

Summary of Projective Geometry

In this article will emphasize on some important characteristics and invariants with respect to transformations in projective geometry. Some properties in projective geometry The following properties are important to know if you want to work on stereo image processing, photogrammetry computer vision which contains 3D reconstruction, depth estimation and so on. For different dimensions in

Projective Geometry

As described in last article, projective space can be considered as a tool to mathematically describe the perspective projection. So in this article, we want to go through some basics, but important elements of projective space. After reading this article you will get to understand the followings topics: Homogeneous coordinates and its properties Homography matrix

Definition of Perspective Projection, Perspective Space & Projective Geometry

I decided to write some short articles about projective geometry, and so these basics will give you not only some insight into the basics of stereo image processing but also help you understand linear transformations better. After reading this article you should be familiar with: Perspective Projection Perspective Space Projective Geometry and you should not

Security in IoT – Distributed Danial of Service (DDoS) II

This post is the second part of the last post and will describe the architecture along with characteristics of Malware especially Mirai and Hajime. Characteristics of IoT malware As mentioned before, the IoT device should get the Malware in order to participate in DDoS attacks. Most of the malwares are Linux based and has limited

Security in IoT – Distributed Danial of Service (DDoS) I

The goal in this post and the next one is to describe Distributed Danial of Service attack, its architecture, and the most common Malware for DDoS in IoT devices. What is Danial of Service One of the most popular attacks is the Denial of Service attack in which the attacker tries to make the server

Local Feature and Harris Corner Detection

In the last three posts, we have learned some important basics in computer vision and in this post, I want to talk about the concept “Feature” which plays an important role in different levels of image processing. Feature (local Feature) In image processing, feature (local feature) is basically a piece of image (patch) which can